We carry out scientific research to test already known active substances of organic origin on plant growth and development and to identify new ones of potential importance for agriculture.

In phytotron experiments, we use as research objects the main species grown in Poland: maize, oilseed rape, wheat, soya, as well as those of lesser importance but great potential: lupins, phacelia, vetch. We can also customise the plant species under study. In our research, we can also determine the impact of the use of micro-organisms on plant growth and development.

The experiments are performed in phytotron chambers, where we have strict control over the quantity and quality of light (8 light length ranges from UV to FR), temperature, humidity for the three basic phases of plant growth.

We offer:

Morphological analyses - (growth)

  • the size of the aboveground part and the root zone,
  • leaf size,
  • leaf surface,
  • microscopic analyses

Physiological analyses - (growth and development)

  • the dynamics of plant growth and development under varying conditions,
  • determination of chlorophyll content,
  • determination of plant pathogen infestation,
  • determination of elemental deficiencies (N, P, K, Mg, Ca)

Biochemical and molecular analyses:

  • protein determination,
  • chlorophyll,
  • phytohormones,
  • determination of e.g. K, NO, EC and pH content of cell sap or exudates,
  • determination of the expression of genes crucial to plant function,
  • identification of new plant genes useful for molecular testing,
  • DNA analysis of coding and regulatory sequence variation, tests performed in specific and non-specific detection and in

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Recommended product

Take care of your soil

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About the LabCenter

We carry out research and development and service activities. We implement the results of research into the production of agro-technical measures. We have established cooperation with several of the country's leading research units and production and commercial entities in the Agro sector, among others.

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Life Agro Biotechnology sp. z o.o. sp. k
14 Gliniana Street
97-300 Piotrków Trybunalski

NIP 7712843365

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Our products


Biological products

FusOff A and FusOff B

FusOff A and FusOff B are microbiological preparations containing selected bacteria Bacillus spp.which, among other things, support and stimulate the recovery of the root system after stress factors


PoliChron is a microbiological preparation containing selected bacteria Paenibacillus spp.which are derived from the natural soil environment and have a positive effect on crops.


Organic products

LecitOrg Light

LecitOrg Light is a formulation with fungicidal, insecticidal and biocidal activity. Its optimised formulation allows it to be used in a single treatment with microbial products.

LecitOrg Strong

LecitOrg Strong is a formulation with fungicidal, insecticidal and biocidal effects based on the stimulation of natural plant defence mechanisms.